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Trained at Goldsmith's College of Art in Fine Art, I work mainly as a sculptor. I also do photography and painting and exhibit regularly. I have a studio/ gallery which is open any time by appointment. My glass sculptures are kiln formed freestanding, wall or hanging pieces. The glass is combined with etched metal, manipulated wires, powdered pigments or chemicals and then kiln fused. The pieces may have multiple workings and firings to achieve the final outcome. Each piece is abstract and inspired by colour combinations and natural forms, fossils poetry or music. Drawing forms a strong foundation for my ideas. I often work from sketches, photographs or remembered mental images.
I have travelled extensively and lived in many different countries. Rock formations in Australia, waterfalls in South America, rivers in France, the colours in Morocco, plants in rain forests and fossils, which I love, from all over - these all fill my sketch books and my head.
Once you have owned a piece of fused glass sculpture you will be aware of its vitality and ever changing moods  and your eyes will be drawn to it with every nuance of light.
According to a recent Radio 4 arts programme, art collecting is the latest favourite in financial investment with kiln formed glass as the up and coming medium.

I have recently had published a poetry ad sculptures book -  a book of photographs of my sculptures in conjunction with my poems

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